12th December, 2012

CYPE adapts its software to calculate the acoustic isolation according to the codes EN 12354 (ISO 15712) for any country

The company implements a new module which allows the definition of the acoustic parameters for any country's code and predict its acoustic behavior according to the calculation codes EN 12354 (ISO 15712).



CYPE has implemented in its software a new module which allows the planners to design and verify the acoustic isolation of buildings according to the codes EN 12354 (ISO 15712), granting the definition of the acoustic requirements practically for any country, according to the explanation from the software company.

Specifically, the codes EN12354, recognized world wide and referenced in most of the international state codes developed in the last years permit the prediction, during the project phase, of the building's spaces' acoustic comfort, starting from the acoustic characteristics of the constructive elements to be used, which creates a useful tool in the buildings' optimum design. In this new module, which is implemented in the CYPECAD MEP software, five calculations related to the building's acoustic isolation and conditioning are considered: acoustic isolation to airborne noise between enclosures; acoustic isolation to impact noise between enclosures; acoustic isolation to airborne noise coming from the outside; sound emission from the building's equipment, including the HVAC ducts; and, lastly, the calculation of the reverberation time and the equivalent sound absorption area.

How to use this application

The new Acoustic Isolation Module according to EN 12354 (ISO 15712) is available on CYPECAD MEP for all the countries who don't have a specific acoustic code implemented or, as an alternate option to those who do have it, like Spain, France or Portugal. With this module, the user can set the magnitudes used for each type of interaction between them to perform the calculation.

The new application provides detailed listings of each calculation that is realized and a thorough acoustic study of the whole building, while providing graphic information of the indirect sound transmissions and the building's drawings including the location of points with terrible acoustic isolation.


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