1st July, 2020

CYPE develops the SikaFiber® software
to facilitate the design of fibre reinforced
concrete slab-on-ground

The application optimises the amount of fibre required for mixing with concrete, taking into account the ground conditions, applied loads, concrete strength and slab thickness

The Swiss company once again places its trust in CYPE for the development of technological solutions for its products, following the creation of the SIKA® CarboDur® Design Software tool



CYPE, has developed the SikaFiber® Software tool for SIKA, with which professionals can optimise the calculation of the required amount of SikaFiber® fibre to be mixed with concrete to reinforce slab-on-ground constructed with this material.

The SikaFiber® solution developed by the Swiss company, leader in the creation of chemical products for the construction sector, consists of synthetic or steel macro-fibres that are mixed with concrete and act as an alternative reinforcement to or in combination with the reinforcement.

According to Carlos Fernández, Technical Director at CYPE, SikaFiber® can act as the sole reinforcement of the concrete or help to reduce the steel reinforcement needed. This generates benefits in terms of time and cost savings, by reducing the amount of material and the time required by the labour force.

With the launch of the new SikaFiber® Software, one of the requests of professionals worldwide using the SikaFiber® solution has been met, since now they can easily and automatically calculate the correct mixing quantity thanks to the software created by CYPE and SIKA.

“Technicians now optimise calculations taking into account aspects such as the ground conditions, applied loads, concrete strength and the thickness of the slab itself, explains the Technical Director of CYPE. The software allows for the consideration of rack and machinery loads, as well as generic loads such as point, linearly and uniformly distributed loads.

Advantages of using SikaFiber®

The mixture of SikaFiber® with the concrete itself makes it possible to lay it like traditional concrete, removing or reducing the use of steel reinforcement, which saves time and money.

According to David Taylor BEng (Hons) Corporate Product Engineer Concrete at Sika Services AG, “SikaFiber® technology provides opportunities to improve the fresh and hardened concrete properties. This is especially the case for ground bearing slabs where SikaFiber® will enhance the concrete durability and help you save time in the construction process and in some cases >30% in money, depending on local circumstances. Sika’s macro-fibres are added during the concrete production and are embedded homogenously in the cement-matrix straight where it matters, in edges and corners. The macro-fibres prevent the emergence of large cracks through their high tensile strength and extensibility. This makes SikaFiber® a viable alternative to complicated steel bar and mesh reinforcement.”

Swiss company SIKA once again places its trust in CYPE

With the development of SikaFiber® Software, the Swiss company once again has placed its trust in CYPE for the development of its technological solutions that optimise the design and calculations of professionals using its products, following the creation of the SIKA® CarboDur® Design Software tool that automatically calculates the structural reinforcement using the carbon fibre solutions offered by SIKA.

The Product Engineer of Sika comments, “Thanks to the excellent work by CYPE Ingenieros, S.A., the SikaFiber® software for calculating optimal concrete slab-on-grade solutions based on FRC, has never been easier and faster. The FREE licensed SikaFiber® software for professionals, makes complex calculations in a few simple steps!  Traditional methods of reinforcing concrete with steel is widely taught in Civil Engineering schools, but rarely the alternative method of fibre reinforced concrete. The SikaFiber® software now gives professionals the ability to offer your customer’s an efficient alternative.”


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